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Fanfarlo's melodies are based off of intricately woven motifs, each one just as important as the other.  Their full length album, 'Reservoir'(2008) uses homespun, anthem-like, indie pop to draw listeners in.  Their on stage performances are nothing short of watching a family of musicians interact the best and happiest way they know how - harmonically.  They've been around since 2006, based out of London.   After finally listening all they way through their new album I can safely say I have a new favorite go-to for morning walks to the train. Reservoir is their only full length out currently, mostly they just have a small collection of EPs floating about, in addition to 'Reservoir'.

Tracks like Luna, The Walls Are Coming Down, I'm a Pilot, Harold T. Wilkins or How to Wait for a Very Long, are jingly anthems filled with brass and string accompaniment that make you want to jump in a pile of leaves and eat apples off the trees with a best friend.  Grab a hot cider put your headphones on and take stroll through the park while listening to 'Reservoir', the least it can do is make your heart a little bit fuller.

Listen to 'Luna'!

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