Tiny Treasures

Charles LeDray's featured exhibit: "workworkworkworkwork" at the ICA in Boston, is a miniature, meticulous display of one man's obsession and life's work.  Instantaneously, his work brings out the little girl in everyone - peering at petite versions of the everyday things we love: clothes, pottery, publications, and shoes.  LeDray's life work is a treasure trove for anyone who's ever adored or ogled at small-scale replicas of anything!




As a child I loved doll house furniture, and little glass animals the size of a thimble; needless to say this exhibit made me want to collect miniatures and i had no idea why.  LeDray's subject circumference spans from tiny magazine replicas, to miniature workman's coats, all the way to on-point detailed fancy men's suit stores.  He's premiering two recognizable installations for this exhibit: "Throwing Shadows" (2008-2010) featuring more than 3,000 tiny pieces of black ceramic pottery, and "Men's Suits," in which LeDray recreates three rooms of a second-hand clothing shop with impeccable detail, from the individually made plastic and wooden hanger, to the folding table full of folded up t-shirts and button-downs. Leaving you feeling either starry-eyed, amazed, or overwhelmed, LeDray's diminutive fantasy is something to at least witness once.  Upon leaving the exhibit I couldn't help but feel an underlying message of delusion and obsession in his work, but through his obsession LeDray's fashioned quite the pint-sized world for the public to view through it's maker's eyes.  Sadly "workworkworkworkwork" is leaving Boston October 17th and moving to the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

To read more about Charles LeDray's work and where the exhibit is headed you can go to the ICA's website.



Charles LeDray related style icon: Mr. Brendan Flowers.

Who's more swankier than The Killers front-man? Okay, a few people, but this miniature man knows how to dress up, and can inspire both males and females.  Although, since I am a girl, I'll recommend to the ladies how to Get the Look:


  • Leather Over-the-Shoulder Briefcase, Urban Outfitters, $48
  • KAM Oxfords, Topshop, $125
  • "Crusade Cape", French Connection, $358
  • Top, Chloé, $250