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I didn't want to admit it, but I've been watching Boardwalk Empire every week.  I'm not usually a sucker for dramas, but maybe it's the magnificent wardrobes and frequent murders that keep me coming back.  The one thing that's very evident in the show is how beautiful the women are, and how fat and awkward looking the men are.  I'm not even a fan of Michael Pitt, the only actor that I enjoy in this show is Steve Buschemi, and it's rather different to see him in such a powerful role.  The media seems to be going crazy for his on-screen girlfriend, real life name: Paz.  I'm, admittedly, not a fan of the reportedly "on" and "off" screen nut job, an online source gushes, "Evidence suggests that Paz may actually be as eccentric, sex-obsessed, and generally “wacky” as she wants us to believe."  Although, there's no denying each member of Boardwalk Empire's female cast has a collective, subtle, and raw sexual aspect about them.  They leave me wishing it was okay to leave my house dressed for a prohibition party, not having to worry about getting stared at for my flapper era attire.  But a girl can dream, eh?  I have some tips and recommendations for how to tone down outdated heirs of a 1920's outfit, and mix that retro outfit with a little bit of 21st century flair.

Style Icon: The beautiful and timeless Marion Davies

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  • Peter Pan Collared Velvet Dress, Topshop, $190
  • Jungle Lipstick, NARS, $24
  • Rose Leaf Ring, Topshop, $12
  • Bow Trimmed Hat, Brenda Lynn: Barney's,$385
  • Eyebrow Kit, Tweezerman, $45