Here Come the Holidays!

The older I get the more I have to substitute holiday cheer with consumer driven gluttony.  I don't believe you when you say that mixing up your usual coffee order with a tall non-fat peppermint latte doesn't put a tiny bit more pep in your step.  Or how a stroll down the well-known shopper's home-away-from-home, Newbury Street, peering in at all the bright shiny window displays can get you in the mood for purchasing gifts.  Even the run of the mill ice skating at Frog Pond in the Commons runs a steep $12/person unless you're one of those people with your own ice skates.  It seems our cheapest festivity is to bake some cookies and drink hot cocoa while watching Elf, but then there's always the fact that you'll have left-over cookies for the next week and no-one to eat them but you! Never good for the figure...

I may have you wondering, well then what's a girl (or boy) to do?  Well you buy that $4.50 peppermint latte, and pay $35 to go to the The Nutcracker at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, because it's what gives us humans the feeling of holiday cheer.  There's never an end to the holiday events that fill us with sentiments of the season, but they will almost always come at the economy's benefit and the consumer's misfortune.

Hopefully we all know that hoarding ones money away never compared to the feeling of purchasing something.  The feeling of purchasing something to hold in your hand or a nice shiny bag that holds your new purchase, to walk down the street with, is something most people can relate to.  Well, here are a few fun christmas events that you can partake in around Boston, i'm sure more will pop up as we get closer to the date:

  • Annual Santa Speedo Run! Apparently they're all filled up with submissions so it'll be quite the show.                         when? Dec. 11th! where? Back Bay! What time? 1pm!
  • SOWA Holiday Market! SOWA market never fails to please the masses, so obviously their holiday market won't be any less crowd pleasing! when? Dec. 11-12! what time? 12-6! where? kind of hidden.. follow this link!
  • The 4th Annual Awesomely Bad Christmas Sweater Party! What really stood out about this event for me, was the fact that it involves horrendous christmas sweaters and an open bar from 9pm-1am. where? Villa Victoria Center for the Arts when? Dec. 11th what time? 9pm  (event deatils)

At a loss about what to wear? Well Get the perfect Holiday Look here!:
















  • Fur Trim Cape Dress, Topshop, $160
  • Opaque Tights, Topshop, $16
  • Suede Fur Trim Hat, ASOS, $112.06
  • Creme Shimmering Nailpolish, The Makeup Store, $14
  • Fur trimmed wedged boots, H&M, $40