Casting Spells

Seattle Washington's Craft Spells played Great Scott in Boston, last night, as part of their 2011 Summer tour. The guys have a way of mixing dreamy pop with sounds of new wave and extremely catchy melodies. Some of their tracks are more memorable than others, for example 'Party Talk', 'You Should Close the Door', and 'After the Moment', for their catchy drum hits and fun aesthetics. However, other tracks like 'For the Ages' and 'Beauty Above All' are sort of reiterations of other, more memorable, songs off their album. The handful of tracks that I do have a bone to pick with, seem to just mimic the more memorable tunes, the same way that a college student copies and pastes from wikipedia and then picks through the research paper, replacing adjectives as they go. I do commend them for keeping the musical theme fluid throughout the album. Each song well defines the type of style and dream pop that you could tell they were going for.

Give 'After the Moment' a listen:

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