Ladies we Love|Kate Nash

"I believe in putting money into art and I think it's important to support other artists, if you can give someone a leg up or a break then you should, art should be about creating a community." Kate Nash is starting her own label Have 10p Records, to support upcoming female artists that she's fond of.  Kate Nash's fame  is nothing new to the blogosphere.  However, she's my pick for the week.  With this new take on the indie label Kate's cleaning out a niche for female artists that are actually making something worth listening to today.  She's not acting as Mama bear, taking care of everything for her artists, she's just acting as a creative source to look to when in need of advice.  With her new artist Bridgette Aphrodite she's mentioned that she's just a resource, launching Bridgette and other up-and-coming artists into listeners Ipods.  In her Drowned in Sound interview she commented on labels today and female artist's place in the industry: Do you think that there’s a tendency for labels to try and fit young female artists to a particular mould? As a female label boss who has experience on the other side – how would you like to change this?

I personally feel it's not the label's job to get involved creatively. I think it's down to the act/band that you're working with. The label's job is to get the music out there and help the band progress as much as possible. But only in a way that works for that act. Both men and women should be free to develop in that way if they're true artists.

Are there any labels that you look to for inspiration? Any that you would like Have 10p to follow in the footsteps of?

I love fiction, and kill rock stars, moshi moshi and wichita. I think for now I would like to keep things focused on small footsteps as that's the time that I have to dedicate to it and I want to do justice to the acts I work with.

to enjoy the rest of the interview check it out at Drowned in Sound.

In case you have been living under a rock for awhile and haven't heard Miss Nash, here's a little taste

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