Oh how the sales of the retail slow season seem to draw me in with their mediocre deals and promises of happiness by way of discounted cardigan.  Today I made a purchase that actually wasn't on a whim.  I have been wanting this hat ever since I saw it last year at LF.  I was going to get it during their winter sale last year but couldn't find enough items to validate just the one hat as a purchase.  This year, some soft basics were cheaply priced so I took the dive and got the little bugger.  I really don't care if you like it or not, it's on my head... so there.  It's complete with paw mittens on the long ear flaps.

Quick! 5 second rant: + Pitchfork's only new music recommendations seem to be for the same ambient disguised electronic creations and it's complete lunacy. I'm bored, give me some real drums for god sakes. + I just watched the 2009 adaptation of Dorian Gray it completely strays from the original book up until the last 25 minutes *makes fart noise with mouth* + I need a new mouse for my desktop because if this one either a) doesn't click when I click it or b) double clicks one more time I'm going to throw it out the front door. Alright! Now for some alternative listening suggestions!

Rachel's February Playlist:

  1. "Bad Day" Darwin Deez
  2. "Little Garcon" Born Ruffians
  3. "Make Nice" Faces on Film
  4. "The Needle Has Landed" Neko Case
  5. "South 2nd" Coco Rosie
  6. "Always" Rilo Kiley
  7. "Undertow" Warpaint
  8. "What a Pleasure" Beach Fossils
  9. "New Beat" Toro Y Moi
  10. "Hindsight" Death Cab for Cutie