Snowed In.

It seems like every other day the city is shut down because of a massive snow/hail storm.  The streets and sidewalks are piled with mush, slush, and snow.  The one downfall of our apartment is that it's a basement apartment, ( a nice basement apartment but half sized windows all the same ) and there are windows above the bed where the snowplow decided to pile up all the excess snow.  They just pushed it into the window enough that it creaked a couple times and scared me awake.  So I am quite literally living in a snowed in state.  But what do you do when the movies, video games, hot cocoa and entertainment run dry?  What do you do when you actually have to leave the house to run a quick errand?  Well here's a quick mock up of my go-to mix and match for cute separates that hide your un-groomed self under layers of  warmth.  Today I needed laundry detergent, shampoo, and Trader Joe's sparkling water.














  • Boots, L.L. Bean, $94
  • Recycled Chunky Knit Scarf, Anywhere! (try thrifted)
  • Winter Leggings, American Apparel, $34
  • Toggle Coat, Forever21, $34.90
  • Creme Hearts Hat, Pinkyotto, $55