Mango Pickle

What's better than the lovely M.I.A.? Seeing M.I.A. for free, that's what. This girl's 35 years old with a kid and still one of the most badass live performers out there right now.   Three women dressed in head to toe burkas come out onto the stage as the crowd starts getting riled up for M.I.A.  Then, the most hilarious part of the show, a very british ginger dressed like a dude straight out of the mid 1980's, comes up "popping and locking" all over stage right (who actually later in the show he continues to take a stage dive and fall right on his head onto the floor).  But, we all know we're all here to see the lovely Maya Arulpragasam, so everyone's still pretty jazzed up.  Then- through the neon lights, here she comes, and if I boldly say so, can do no wrong wearing two-toned jeans ( a faux pas attempted by anyone else ).  She can carry a crowd like no other, and has the sass to match too.  Man, who wouldn't aspire to be more like M.I.A.?

Get the look! Hot pinks and two-tones to match our favorite British rappette.

1. Two-Toned Opaque Pantyhose, American Apparel - $14

2. 'Collide' Nail Polish, Illamasque - $12

3. 'Roman Holiday' Matte Lipstick, NARS - $18